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Make Love and Boomboom

An evolving story of Fandom

We love boomerangslash, and so should you!
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I was born out of love.
311, abobo, all your base, am2, american cheese, animal crossing, anime, audioslave, bacon, baki the grappler, balloon fight, baseball, beef, billy hatcher, body harvest, boomerangslash, brian vander ark, capcom, castlevania, cheeseburgers, chibi-robo, chicken fried steak, chinese food, circle of the moon, crazy taxi, dai-guard, darkstalkers, daytona usa, disturbed, donkey kong, donkey kong jungle beat, donuts, dragon spirit, dreamcast, earthbound, earthworm jim, eternal darkness, eyeshield 21, fast food, final fantasy 9, final fight, french fries, fried chicken, galaga, game and watch, game boy, game music, gamecube, gamers, getter robo, godannar, gradius, heat guy j, intelligent systems, interpol, jojo's bizarre adventure, king of fighters, legend of zelda, manga, mario kart, mcdonalds, mdk, meat, megaman, meteos, metroid, mexican food, michael stipe, mike haggar, mischief makers, monopoly, mortal kombat, mr. game and watch, mushroom kingdom, namco, neo geo, new adventures in hi-fi, nine inch nails, nintendo, nintendo 64, nintendo ds, nirvana, one piece, onion rings, p.n.03, pac-man, pearl jam, pepsi, pikmin, pixies, pizza, pork, porn, potatoes, r.e.m., reel big fish, resident evil, rob zombie, rooney, root beer, secret of evermore, sega rally, shenmue, shigeru miyamoto, shinji mikami, shmups, sonic team, starfox, steak, stone temple pilots, tacos, taito, the crystal method, the special goodness, the verve pipe, video games, virtual on, wario ware, wave race blue storm, weezer, white stripes, wii, yangus.